Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New wood

I have posted before about the New Wood here. After 5 years of natural generation here is how it looks after de-brambling:

 And before:

Spring again

I can't believe a year has passed since the previous post.

No doubt the work on the house took its tole.

And yet we have done quite a bit since then, planted an orchard, de-brambled the Old Wood further and cut some wood for the range.

In November on the 25th November, the exact St Catherine day of the Catholic calendar, THE perfect day for planting trees according to my late grand father, we planted 12 fruit trees:

Quince "Champion"
Apricot "Bergeron"
Peach "De Vigne Blanche"
Plum "Mirabelle de Nancy"
Figue "Madeleine deux Saisons"
Plum "Reine Claude Oullins"
Apple "Reinette de Caux"
Figue "Dauphine"
Apple "Reinette Clochard"
Cherry 'Bigarreau Napoleon"
Pear "Conference"
Cherry "Bigarreau Burlat"

And it looked like this:

We chose the best spot for it, the location of the vegetable patch of the farm. It has the richest soil doesn't get waterlogged in winter, is sheltered from main winds by hedges. We nurtured them thoroughly by digging large planting holes, respected the layering of the soil, adding a few handfuls of slow release blood and bone fertiliser. Dug around to protect the trees from competition. It took days!

And yet, I spend the winter wondering if they would go through the unusually harsh winter.

And as spring arrived last week, you could see they all had, the apricot had - very - few flowers, the peach is spectacular and the others all had buds ready to burst. I can't tell you the excitement. 

I gave them a watering can each as the weather is on the dry side. At our next visit, I will mulch them with nettle cuttings. We are keeping the area as a spring meadow

And below are blackthorns and willows in bloom.
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