Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Shaping the trees

Last October we had a group of see surgeons and lumberjacks come to maintain the trees on the land and get rid of 30 dying poplars. Poplars are amazingly powerful trees in terms of speed of growth and scale but they don't last and these trees, all planted 50 or so years ago, have reached their end. As they have the tendency to fall at each tempest and we don't like the impact they have on the landscape, we have decided to have them all brought down. at the same time, we have created views by cutting gaps in hedges and removing trees that are blocking our gaze. The result is a landscape that is softer, with a great sense of depth through or land and also borrowing views of neighbouring fields. It is also brighter, with more visible sky to the East.

The meadow with the newly made gap in the hedge to the new wood giving a subtle sense of depth whilst still keeping the separation between the two parts of the garden. The poplars are still standing.

Same view closer

Same view at sunset

We have found a sycamore. This is the only one we have. The only other maple family is our native field maple.

The tree surgeons have also discovered a Japanese Walnut tree in the old wood.

The effect of the hedge with the new wood behind after most of the poplars have been taken down, there are still a few on the left and in the old wood in the background.

The following morning, deers came to say high in the misty dawn.

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