Maintenance diary

Well you can't let nature by itself, you will end up with impenetrable chaos otherwise so you need to keep it in check. Here is our timetable so far.

December, January, February: 
As not much is growing and leaves are down, it is a perfect time for controlling brambles, shrubs and trees. You can see clearly where to cut with maximum effect (at the base). As we said elsewhere, we never aim to eradicate, just get the energy down of the thugs where we don't want them to dominate. With brambles, do pull the branches out as they will have taken root which will allow the branch to survive. we pile them where we want a hedge or shrub to develop. 

March, April, May: 
Clear meadow areas that haven't been the year before, mow areas where nettles are to be controlled regularly. Create and maintain paths. This is a good time to clear or create ditches as the ground is still damp and soft without being cloyingly wet.

Hay cutting for the spring meadow areas, remove all hay to mulch or compost. Maintain paths.

July, August: 
Mow areas that need it (paths and previously cut meadows, live a few to regenerate). This depends on rainfall. Cut bracken where you don't want it.

Hay cutting for summer flowering areas. a few that are least dynamic are left to be cut in spring.

Bulb planting season

Tree and shrub planting season. "A la Sainte Catherine tout prend racine" as they say here (On the day of Saint Catherine all takes root). This is the 15th November. It is a good time because new plants have time to develop their roots during the wet months so that they can survive the drier ones.

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